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Mental health difficulties for new fathers

Research suggests that 10% of fathers experience depression and 10-17% experience anxiety after the arrival of a new baby.

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Monash Uni puts best foot forward for men’s health

The Monash Global Walk/Run event is held on all Victorian campuses and sites of Monash University twice yearly, in May and October. It started in 2010 and is open to all Monash staff and students. Delivered in conjunction with Wellbeing@Monash, … Continue reading

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Premature ejaculation fact sheet updated

Andrology Australia's fact sheet on premature ejaculation has recently been updated.

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Foundation 49 GP Education Symposium

The Foundation 49: GP Education Symposium has been designed to assist GPs overcome barriers and improve approaches when attending men for consultations The program boasts a broad range of current and topical men’s health issues presented by top experts.

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Five important issues in men’s health

Andrology Australia’s CEO, Dr Carol Holden, looks ahead to five important and emerging issues in men’s health. A focus on men’s health in Australia has been reinvigorated in recent years with the launch of the 2010 National Men’s Health Policy. … Continue reading

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Healthy ageing: what has sex got to do with it?

It’s not so long ago that it was commonly thought that older men didn’t have sex. We now know that more than one third of men aged over 70 years are still having sex. Many older men remain sexually active … Continue reading

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Considering the risks of testosterone therapy

Recent research points to an increased risk of cardiovascular events associated with testosterone therapy, but these are not the only adverse side-effects of taking testosterone.

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New edition of popular men’s health books

Two of Andrology Australia’s most popular guides on men’s health have been reviewed and are now released in their fourth editions. Prostate enlargement Andrology Australia’s booklet Prostate Enlargement – A guide to urinary symptoms in men, first released in March 2004, … Continue reading

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Call to men and their partners: are you able to participate in research?

Men and their partners are currently being asked to participate in two research studies. The areas of interest are cancer and fertility, and suicide prevention.

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Erectile dysfunction is a warning and an opportunity

In this issue of The Healthy Male, we look at the broader health implications of erectile dysfunction.

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