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A New Year’s resolution for fertility and child health

In the Summer issue of 'The Healthy Male' newsletter, we focus on foreskin health and hygiene.

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About semen analysis: a new fact sheet released

A new fact sheet is released on semen analysis, which is a vital part of diagnosing male infertility.

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How age affects ability to have a family

Most men want to have a family but many are confused about how the mother's and father's age can affect the ability to conceive and the health of the child.

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Call to men and their partners: are you able to participate in research?

Men and their partners are currently being asked to participate in two research studies. The areas of interest are cancer and fertility, and suicide prevention.

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Have you or your partner been affected by cancer?

The Centre for Health Research at University of Western Sydney is seeking participants for research into Cancer and Fertility.

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Expert video: Male infertility

In this newly released male health video, Professor Rob McLachlan, Director of Andrology Australia, discusses the factors that affect male fertility.

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Health professionals, let’s talk about making babies in Fertility Week (2-8 September)

Fertility Week 2–8 Sept 2013: health professionals are urged to talk to patients about the factors that affect their ability to conceive and have a healthy baby.

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Fertility Week

It’s Fertility Week, 3-9 September, and as a proud member of the Fertility Coalition we’re happy to announce the release of the final in the Five Fertility Factors video series. Will Justine and Mick make it home in time to … Continue reading

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Your Fertilty website launched

Andrology Australia is proud to announce the launch of Your Fertility, a campaign to inform Australians about how age and lifestyle factors such as weight, smoking and alcohol use can affect their ability to conceive and have healthy children. Visit … Continue reading

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Klinefelter syndrome story in The Herald Sun

Klinefelter’s syndrome is a genetic condition that affects at least one in 650 men. It is a condition where men are unable to produce both sperm and enough of the male hormone testosterone for the body’s needs. Read one man’s … Continue reading

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