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Andrology Australia has recently updated 20 fact sheets

Andrology Australia has a catalogue of fact sheets on a wide range of male health topics. We have recently released 20 updated fact sheets with more on their way! Here’s a preview: Erectile dysfunction Erectile dysfunction (when a man is … Continue reading

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Making decisions about the PSA test

The doctor says it’s time for you to have a PSA test. But what is the PSA test exactly?

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“I am not bald. I just have a very long forehead.”

Did you know that about one in five men in their 20s experience significant hair loss? We have just updated Andrology Australia’s fact sheet about male pattern hair loss.

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Foreskin focus for fresh fact sheet

Andrology Australia recently added a new fact sheet on 'Foreskin problems and care' to its catalogue of men's health fact sheets.

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Penis and testes fact sheets updated

Andrology Australia has a catalogue of fact sheets on a wide range of male health topics, and recently we updated three fact sheets about the penis and testes.

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What are the genetic causes of male infertility?

Andrology Australia has just added an important new title to its catalogue of fact sheets on male health topics. Genetic causes of male infertility Male infertility is diagnosed when, after testing of both partners, reproductive problems have been found in … Continue reading

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Four updated fact sheets

Andrology Australia has recently released revised fact sheets on vasectomy, osteoporosis, Klinefelter’s syndrome, and androgen deprivation therapy.

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Fact sheets updated: prostate enlargement and erectile dysfunction

Andrology Australia has released updated fact sheets on benign prostate enlargement and erectile dysfunction.

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About semen analysis: a new fact sheet released

A new fact sheet is released on semen analysis, which is a vital part of diagnosing male infertility.

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Premature ejaculation fact sheet updated

Andrology Australia's fact sheet on premature ejaculation has recently been updated.

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