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Is testosterone a useful addition to diabetes risk models?

Observational data suggest that testosterone levels in men may be a reversible risk factor for T2D and therefore inclusion of testosterone may enhance the performance of current type 2 diabetes risk tools. There are currently at least seven risk models … Continue reading

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Diabetes, obesity and testosterone

Although favourable body composition changes are one of the most consistent findings in trials to date, the role of testosterone therapy in men with diabetes remains to be defined.

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Testosterone treatment for men with type 2 diabetes and the metabolic syndrome

A recent systematic review and meta-analysis doesn't support the routine use of testosterone treatment in men with relatively well-controlled type 2 diabetes and/or the metabolic syndrome, to improve glucose metabolism or constitutional symptoms.

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Low testosterone and atherosclerotic disease markers in type 2 diabetes

A recent study found that low testosterone is associated with more advanced atherosclerotic disease markers in middle-aged men with type 2 diabetes. However, it is not clear that testosterone replacement in older men with diabetes will reduce the risk of cardiovascular events.

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The complete beginner’s guide to testosterone (“it’s not just about sex”)

ABC TV’s Catalyst program explores the much-maligned hormone testosterone: what happens when you have too much, not enough—or none at all?

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Why erectile dysfunction is more than just a problem in bed

The best way to get help for erectile problems is to see a doctor to discuss the problem.

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Erectile dysfunction is a warning and an opportunity

In this issue of The Healthy Male, we look at the broader health implications of erectile dysfunction.

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Are Aussies so overweight that doctors don’t notice it any more?

Recent research shows that 40% of Australians are overweight but doctors are not identifying a substantial proportion of overweight and obese patients.

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Can testosterone boost prevent diabetes in older men?

1500 men aged 50-74 needed for a national study to determine the effectiveness of weight-loss and testosterone replacement in preventing type 2 diabetes.

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Expert video: Diabetes and Androgens

Men with type 2 diabetes frequently have lower total testosterone levels than non-diabetic men of a similar age.

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