Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction risk could be in the genes

It is likely that some cases of erectile dysfunction are caused in part by genetics. But until recently, no single gene had been specifically found for a genetic link with erectile dysfunction. Now researchers think they may have found a … Continue reading

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Andrology Australia has recently updated 20 fact sheets

Andrology Australia has a catalogue of fact sheets on a wide range of male health topics. We have recently released 20 updated fact sheets with more on their way! Here’s a preview: Erectile dysfunction Erectile dysfunction (when a man is … Continue reading

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The Healthy Male Autumn edition available now!

The Healthy Male, Autumn issue Issue 62 of The Healthy Male newsletter is out now. Read about debunking the myths in men’s health plus a host of other features in the Autumn edition. Download The Healthy Male

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Finasteride and the risk of sexual dysfunction: results from a large UK patient database

A possible side effect of 5-α reductase inhibitors is sexual dysfunction and some men, particularly those being treated for alopecia, report that sexual dysfunction continues after the withdrawal of treatment. However, there is little robust evidence to quantify the risk … Continue reading

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Psychosocial factors in sexual dysfunction affecting fertility

Men with no known medical factors may experience difficulty with conception due to erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, or delayed ejaculation. A recent review article published in Fertility & Sterility reviewed the psychosocial aspects of these disorders as these may be … Continue reading

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Risk factors for erectile dysfunction in Australian men

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a prevalent condition among men in Australia. ED has been associated with medical conditions such as diabetes, certain lifestyle factors, many medical treatments, and is an early marker of cardiovascular disease. However, little is known about … Continue reading

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Sexual dysfunction a significant problem in young men

Findings of a recent study suggest that premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction are significant problems among young men aged 18-25 years.

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Knowledge is power: New e-book provides straightforward information for a tricky problem

A new e-book developed by Andrology Australia aims to reduce the misinformation about erectile dysfunction and explain the risks of buying ineffective or even dangerous counterfeit ED medication over the internet.

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Fact sheets updated: prostate enlargement and erectile dysfunction

Andrology Australia has released updated fact sheets on benign prostate enlargement and erectile dysfunction.

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Is tadalafil effective for preventing erectile dysfunction after radiotherapy for prostate cancer?

The results are in on the first study to evaluate tadalafil for prevention of erectile dysfunction in men treated with radiotherapy for prostate cancer. Erectile dysfunction (ED) is common in men following radiotherapy treatment for prostate cancer. Regular administration of … Continue reading

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