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Faulty sperm linked to recurrent miscarriage

Multiple factors contribute to a healthy pregnancy, including the quality of the egg and sperm. Sperm quality is an important factor to achieve timely conception, ensure a healthy pregnancy and produce healthy children. Research recently published in Clinical Chemistry looked … Continue reading

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T4DM is on the brink of revealing its findings: Can testosterone prevent type 2 diabetes (T2D) in men?

Type 2 diabetes (T2D) occurs when the body is unable to control blood sugar levels and becomes insensitive (unresponsive) to the hormone insulin. This year heralds the outcomes of a 2-year Australian-led clinical trial to determine whether treatment with testosterone, … Continue reading

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Link found between heavy drinking in young men and aggressive prostate cancer later in life

Alcohol is a known carcinogen and heavy consumption is linked to a range of cancers, including breast, throat and mouth, and liver cancers. To date the jury has been out on whether heavy drinking increases the risk of prostate cancer … Continue reading

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Study investigates long-term health consequences for men using androgenic steroids

Androgenic steroid use is rising in the general population. It is now a major health concern particularly for young men. It is estimated that up to one in 15 men use or have-used androgens, often in combination with other performance … Continue reading

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Updates to our PSA testing and prostate cancer factsheets

Andrology Australia have recently updated three of our popular patient factsheets on PSA testing, prostate cancer diagnosis and prostate cancer treatment. These are a great information resource for men and their families. The updated factsheets and all of our factsheet … Continue reading

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Erectile dysfunction risk could be in the genes

It is likely that some cases of erectile dysfunction are caused in part by genetics. But until recently, no single gene had been specifically found for a genetic link with erectile dysfunction. Now researchers think they may have found a … Continue reading

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Andrology Australia have a new factsheet on pre-conception health for dads-to-be

To coincide with Fertility Week, 15-21 October 2018, Andrology Australia are pleased to present a brand new factsheet for men who are planning to become dads. Being healthy before trying for a baby is important for both parents, but sometimes … Continue reading

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Using preclinical models to discover new treatments for advanced prostate cancer

Despite many new treatments for advanced (castration-resistant) prostate cancer, this aggressive from of cancer remains incurable. A team of researchers at Monash University, Melbourne have established new preclinical models of advanced prostate cancer that can be studied in the laboratory. … Continue reading

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Immunotherapy hope for patients with advanced prostate cancer

Immunotherapy is an exciting new weapon in the treatment of aggressive cancers that works by harnessing the body’s own immune system to eradicate cancer cells. In prostate cancer, the success of immunotherapy in clinical trials is mixed. Where many patients … Continue reading

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Andrology Australia has recently updated 20 fact sheets

Andrology Australia has a catalogue of fact sheets on a wide range of male health topics. We have recently released 20 updated fact sheets with more on their way! Here’s a preview: Erectile dysfunction Erectile dysfunction (when a man is … Continue reading

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