It’s Healthy to Talk 

Congratulations and a huge thank you to everyone who participated in Men’s Health Week this year. We hope your events were a success and you along with your audience enjoyed our resources.

Although Men’s Health Week is officially over, we will continue encouraging men to have healthy conversations about their own physical health or emotions. Having a chat to someone in your family, or a mate at work, in the men’s shed, at band practice or the local sporting club, can stop a minor problem turning into something bigger.

We encourage all men to remember:

  • It’s healthy to talk. Have a conversation with someone your trust.
  • You are not alone. Many men experience problems with their reproductive health, and these are commonly linked to more serious problems, like heart disease, diabetes, anxiety and depression.
  • Be informed. Having knowledge about potential problems is a good way to help avoid them. We have a range of fact sheets and information booklets that you can view online or order free of charge.
  • Don’t ignore change. Go and see your doctor for any concerns.

It’s Healthy to Talk Lismore

Andrology Australia embarked on a health promotion campaign in Lismore NSW during Men’s Health Week. Please watch the video and find out how successful we were at spreading the ‘It’s healthy to talk’ message far and wide. 



Download and print resources

We now have resources available which DO NOT include Men’s Health Week dates. This will ensure you can utilise the resources any time throughout the year and keep the ‘It’s healthy to talk’ message going. 

Poster: Workman Theme

Poster: Indigenous Footballer

Poster: Men’s Shed

Brochure: Health information

If you would prefer hard copy resources then please order here.

Share your men’s health promotion stories

We love hearing about what’s happening in the community. Please continue to share your men’s health stories with us via social media. Twitter @AndrologyAust or Facebook facebook.com/AndrologyAustralia and use the hashtag #MensHealthWeek and #itshealthytotalk







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