It’s Healthy to Talk 

For many different reasons, men often feel they can’t talk about their own physical health or emotions. Men tend to battle through, ignoring warning signs just hoping they will go away, however, it is healthy to talk. Having a chat to someone in your family, or a mate at work, in the men’s shed, at band practise or the local sporting club, can stop a minor problem turning into something bigger.

In Men’s Health Week 11-17 June 2018, we are encouraging all men to start a conversation about their health and wellbeing with someone they trust. The simple act of sharing a concern can turn someone’s life around. We urge all men to talk about how they are feeling.

We are encouraging all men to remember:

  • It’s healthy to talk. Have a conversation with someone you trust.
  • You are not alone. Many men experience problems with their reproductive health, and these are commonly linked to more serious problems, like heart disease, diabetes, anxiety and depression.
  • Be informed. Having knowledge about potential problems is a good way to help avoid them. We have a range of fact sheets and information booklets that you can view online or order free of charge
  • Don’t ignore change. Go and see your doctor for any concerns.

Help spread the word

Why not organise a display of resources for your workplace or primary health care setting, run a men’s health event, host a BBQ or link into a local sporting or cultural event. This Men’s Health Week is all about looking for opportunities to engage men in your community and encourage healthy conversations.



Order your free resources

Order your Men’s Health Week posters and brochures prior to the 29th May to ensure you receive your delivery before Men’s Health Week 2018.

Men’s Health Week packs include: 

  • Small: 2 Posters and 10 Brochures
  • Large: 8 Posters and 50 Brochures

Order here

Download and print resources

Poster: Workman Theme

Poster: Indigenous Footballer

Brochure: MHW health information

Share your men’s health promotion stories

We love hearing about what’s happening in the community. Please continue to share your men’s health stories with us via social media. Twitter @AndrologyAust or Facebook facebook.com/AndrologyAustralia and use the hashtag #MensHealthWeek and #itshealthytotalk


Other Men’s Health Week resources

Australian Men’s Health Forum (AMHF)

The AMFH will be launching it’s new website in time for Men’s Health Week 2018

One of the site’s new features will be a #KnowYourManFacts campaign providing a series of online resources to help raise awareness of a broad range of men’s health issues.  The campaign will combine hard-hitting facts about gender and health, with information on the social factors that shape men and boy’s health.

To keep an eye out for AMHF’s new website in the run up to Men’s Health Week visit www.amhf.org.au

For further information about the #KnowYourManFacts campaign email development@amhf.org.au

Men’s Health Information & Resource Centre (MHIRC)

The MHIRC provide resources and a platform to celebrate men’s health and register Men’s Health Week events.This year’s theme “MEN AND FAMILIES: MAKING HEALTHY CONNECTIONS” explores the different ways families support the health and well-being of men and boys, and the positive contributions men and boys make to their families (of origin and choice)  The focus is on healthy connections and families – exploring what these can look like, and how men and boys can make and sustain positive family connections.

For more information and to register your event please visit: www.menshealthweek.org.au




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