Men’s Health Promotion

Andrology Australia supports men’s health promotion through awareness events organised by local community groups and through health promotion initiatives in primary care settings.

Community events

Support for community-based men’s health events is an integral feature of the Andrology Australia program. We aim to support event organisers in their efforts to raise awareness of men’s health issues, build local capacity to support men and their families by raising awareness of men’s health issues, and provide quality and evidence-based information on key men’s health issues.

With the help of our Men’s Health Education Kit, you will find out how to organise your own men’s health event or information display.

We provide free, quality resources to support men’s health events at any time of the year, and we usually provide additional resources targetted at International Men’s Health Week, which is held in June each year.

Primary care

As the name suggests, primary care settings such as family GPs, community health centres, pharmacists, and other allied health professionals are usually the first point of contact for men when they seek help for their health concerns. However, men may attend health services reluctantly and infrequently, so it is important that:

  • men have positive health experiences, so that they are likely to return in future, and
  • health professionals maximise each opportunity to improve men’s health outcomes.

Currently we provide guidelines on how health professionals can better engage men in primary care, as well as information on our male health education DVD helps health professionals to engage with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander males about the potentially tricky topic of male reproductive health.

And of course, our Clinical Resources are also suitable for use in primary care settings.

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