Your men’s health event

Men’s health events and other health promotion activities in local communities are common mechanisms to deliver health messages and raise awareness of men’s health issues, with an increasing number of activities taking place each year across Australia.

For your men’s health event

Download the information sheet

Andrology Australia provides support to many community organisations across Australia that run local men’s health events set up men’s health information displays. Resources are free of charge to Australian community and not-for-profit organisations.

Plan it

• Get the Men’s Health Education Kit.

Resource it

• Order health promotion material to display and give away at your local men’s health event.

Promote it

• Download the men’s health event media release template.

Evaluate it

• Download the participant’s evaluation template.

Follow it up

• Download the follow-up article template.

Put the pieces together and your event event will run like a well-engineered machine.

Put the pieces together and your event event will run like a well-engineered machine.

Finding a speaker

Andrology Australia has limited capacity for providing speakers for men’s health events.
Before contacting us to request a speaker, please try options such as those listed below.

Who could speak?

Consider utilising local health experts to speak at your event. They will have a sound knowledge of your community and understand local services available to men in the area.

Speakers should preferably be an experienced presenter, be entertaining, engaging and approachable.

Use your local network

Ask around and try contacting:

Also approach local health professionals (i.e. GP, nurse, dietician, etc.) who either may be able to assist or know of a possible men’s health speaker.

Other options


For a community health event, the Andrology Australia Men’s Health Education Kit contains presentations and comprehensive speaker notes to ensure that the speaker has enough information to confidently talk about men’s health issues.

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