Men’s Health Education Kit

Andrology Australia has produced the Men’s Health Education Kit to assist organisations and individuals to hold seminars and raise community awareness of a range of men’s health problems. The kit includes information on depression, family and relationships, sexual and reproductive health and associated conditions.

The kit includes a:

  • manual on how to run an event
  • promotional poster and flyer
  • health check card
  • media release
  • follow-up article
  • evaluation form
  • CD-ROM with information on a range of men’s health issues, interactive presentations and comprehensive speaker notes.

The complete kit can be ordered directly from Andrology Australia free of charge.

Order your copy of the Men’s Health Education Kit by contacting Andrology Australia by phone: 1300 303 878 or email: info@andrologyaustralia.org.

Multiple copies of the men’s health event poster and the health check card can also be ordered.

men's health education kit

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