Our campaigns

Andrology Australia undertakes social marketing campaigns, including development of the following Community Service Announcements (CSA), which were associated with earlier campaigns.

‘Talk about your tackle’ [2011]

Former AFL great Matthew ‘Richo’ Richardson and his father Alan ‘Bull’ Richardson are the stars of an Andrology Australia campaign launched in April 2011. ‘Talk about your tackle’ includes a community service announcement for TV and radio, along with a micro-site – talkaboutyourtackle.org. The Father-Son campaign looked at the transfer of health information, just as the opportunity to play in the AFL and/or the teaching of football skills and tips are passed from fathers to sons. The campaign aims to help Australian men understand the risks of ignoring problems with ‘the bits below the belt’, and takes a light-hearted approach to a serious topic.

The community service announcement, titled ‘Nothing’, highlights the awkward and uncomfortable silences between men when it comes to discussing important issues like reproductive health with each other and their doctors. Reproductive health issues can also be an early warning sign for more serious health problems, so the CSA urges men to ‘talk about their tackle’ and to visit the Andrology Australia micro-site talkaboutyourtackle.org.

‘You can’t be too careful’ [2006]

In 2006, cricket legend Merv Hughes lent his face, body, and his support, to a campaign to encourage men to start talking about their health. Working with Andrology Australia, Merv said he was excited at the prospect of being able to talk about ‘pecker problems and more’ in public. ‘Men make more jokes about that part of the body than any other, but the minute something goes wrong, that’s it, we shut up and don’t talk about it!’ exclaimed Merv.

As part of his new relationship with Andrology Australia, Merv Hughes featured in a television community service announcement that called for men to speak to a doctor about their health, because ‘you can’t be too careful’. A health checklist and a poster was also distributed to GP surgeries, community health centres, libraries and other organisations with an interest in men’s health.

‘What every man needs to know’ [2004]

‘What Every Man Needs to Know’ was officially launched in June 2004, at Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne. Andrology Australia Director Professor David de Kretser spoke at the launch alongside AFL elite player and coach David Parkin.

The concept behind ‘What Every Man Needs to Know’ was to help increase men’s general knowledge of the male body and what can go wrong. A television and radio community service announcement, posters and an eight-page men’s health resource called ‘A User’s Guide’ were developed for the campaign.

To gain media attention at a national level, ‘naked’ men walked the streets of each capital city in Australia. This bold campaign aimed to get people’s attention and increase their curiosity to seek more information.

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