Your Sperm

And how to look after them

First published 2008.
32 pages.

Men and boys: learn how to protect your troops!

This guide is aimed at both single and partnered men of all ages. It explains the environmental, lifestyle and medical conditions that can reduce fertility and provides tips on how to maintain your chances of natural fatherhood.

You don't often think about fertility or the health of your sperm until it comes time to start a family. For the best chances of starting a healthy pregnancy you need to make large numbers of sperm that are good swimmers, and that 'know' how to fertilise the egg when they arrive. Sperm also has to contain genetic information (DNA) in good condition. Having regular sex also helps!

Whether young or old, with a current partner or not, you should be looking to protect your fertility so that natural conception can happen when you're ready to have children.

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