Androgen Deficiency

A guide to male hormones.

5th edition, December 2015.
First published July 2003.
54 pages.

Androgen deficiency affects about one in 200 men under 60 years of age.

Androgen, or testosterone, deficiency is when the body is not able to make enough testosterone for the body to function normally. Testosterone is the most important androgen (male sex hormone) in men and it is needed for normal reproductive and sexual function. Although not a life-threatening problem, androgen deficiency can affect your quality of life.

It is thought that about one in 10 older men may have low testosterone levels but exact numbers are not known. It is likely that androgen deficiency is under-diagnosed and that many men are missing out on the benefits of treatment.

This guide is a comprehensive overview of the symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of androgren deficiency.

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