The SHAPE project is looking for participants 60 years and over

Sexual health is an important component of health and wellbeing and sexual activity enhances physical and mental health during ageing. The Sexual Health & Ageing, Perspectives and Education (SHAPE) Project, presents a unique opportunity for older adults to voice their thoughts and provide guidance to researchers in the development of a unique sexual health discussion checklist for use in primary care.  
While discussion of sexual health is a core preventive health activity in general practice for young adults, it is seldom discussed between healthcare practitioners and their older patients. Research has identified barriers to these discussions occurring, including lack of training, insufficient knowledge about older adults’ sexual health needs, and assumptions that older patients have little interest in sexual activity. Research has found that while embarrassed to initiate sexual health discussions with healthcare practitioners, older people want to be asked and to have opportunities to discuss their concerns.

For further details click here to view the Project flyer.


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