The Healthy Male Newsletter Winter edition is out now!

The Healthy Male, Winter issue

Issue 67 of The Healthy Male newsletter is out now. Among a host of featured topics, this edition focusses on male infertility and fertility testing in the clinic, highlighting the need for men to be thoroughly reviewed at the same time as their female partner.

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Participate in our study! 

We are seeking participants to complete a 15-20 minute online survey examining the ways that men prefer to seek out health information. If you are male (18+) and would like to take part, please go to our online survey. Your help is appreciated and will help steer how health information is provided to men in the future.

Also in this issue:

Health Spot: testosterone ‘boosting’ supplements

Despite weak evidence that they work and safety concerns, some men are turning to the online marketplace to purchase supplements that claim to boost testosterone levels. 

Research round-up

Read about how MRI is a step closer in becoming standard-of-care for first-line diagnosis of prostate cancer. Using MRI to decide on whether to proceed to biopsy is hoped to better select patients that would most benefit from this diagnostic intervention. The Australian government recently announced a $400 Medicare rebate for MRI scans for prostate cancer diagnosis.

Education resources update

Our expert reviewers work closely with Andrology Australia to provide up-to-date evidence-based information for health professionals and the public. We have recently released an update of our 12 Clinical Summary Guides, which are now available for download.

Patient fact sheets on a range of men’s health topics are currently being updated. Visit our website for the full range of fact sheets.

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