Testosterone treatment in older men may increase the risk of cardiovascular events

The evidence about the risk of cardiovascular events linked to testosterone treatment in older men with low testosterone has been conflicting at the same time as testosterone prescribing in Australia and around the world has increased dramatically.

Although there have been several clinical trials of testosterone treatment in older men, none were designed to measure cardiovascular endpoints specifically.

A study recently published in the Journal of the American Medical Association reported on a placebo-controlled trial showing that testosterone treatment in older men with symptomatic hypogonadism is associated with a significantly greater increase in non-calcified plaque volume, a marker of coronary atherosclerosis, over 12 months, compared with placebo.

However, the clinical significance with respect to hard cardiovascular outcomes remains to be elucidated. The findings do not change the importance of addressing co-morbidities as the first line of treatment for older men with age-associated low testosterone.

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