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The Healthy Male, Autumn issue


Issue 62 of The Healthy Male newsletter is out now. Read about debunking the myths in men’s health plus a host of other features in the Autumn edition.

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Also in this issue:

Focus on: Erection problems are not just a normal part of ageing

Like the rest of the body, muscle tone in the penis reduces with age, as do other aspects of sexual function. However, keeping healthy as you get older, particularly not becoming overweight or smoking, and exercising regularly, can help to prevent erection problems.

Health Spot: Testosterone and ageing

Learn more about the effect of ageing on testosterone levels.

Can testosterone therapy improve memory loss in older men?

A recent study reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association has shown that taking testosterone for 12 months did not improve cognitive function in older men with mild memory problems and low testosterone levels, compared to men with similar characteristics using a placebo treatment.

Latest News: New directions for Andrology Australia

We are very pleased to report the excellent news that Andrology Australia will be continuing into the future, with funding negotiations with the Department of Health well underway. We would like to sincerely thank all who have supported Andrology Australia over this recent period of uncertainty.

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