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Issue 61 of The Healthy Male newsletter is out now. Read about our year in review plus a host of other features in the Summer edition.

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Also in this issue:

Focus on: Blood in Semen – a common problem for men at any age

A man may be worried when he sees blood in his semen but in most cases it will get better without treatment. However, if you do find blood in your semen it is a good idea to see your doctor.

Health Spot: The ‘Top 3’ health issues from our website

Learn more about the ‘Top 3’ topic pages viewed by website visitors: Male infertility, Blood in semen and Peyronie’s disease.

Ten to Men: the Australian longitudinal study on male health

To better understand why men have a shorter life expectancy than women and the causes and effects of health conditions that affect males, the Australian Government Department of Health funded the first-ever Australian Longitudinal Study on Male Health – Ten to Men. The results from the first wave of data were recently published in a series of articles in BMC Public Health.

Latest News: Is there a future for male contraception?

A recent study tested the effectiveness and safety of a hormonal contraceptive injection. The study showed that giving an injection every 8 weeks for 12 months did lower sperm levels to close to zero and it was as effective as many female contraceptives. However, the trial was stopped early because the side effects reported by some men were thought to outweigh the benefits.

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