Male birth control injections prevent pregnancy

A new study co-authored by Director of Andrology Australia, Professor Rob McLachlan, takes us one step closer to male hormonal contraception.

Professor Rob McLachlan

Professor Rob McLachlan

Men have been limited in the role they can play in birth control due to the lack of effective options. Research on a male hormonal contraceptive has been ongoing for several years resulting in this trial designed to assess safety and efficacy. This multi-centre study has shown that a male hormonal contraceptive substantially reduces the chance of unplanned pregnancy. Injections of a long-acting progestogen combined with a long-acting androgen were shown to suppress sperm counts to less than 1,000 sperm/mL, a level considered to be “infertile”. The contraceptive was effective in around 95% of men who continued with the injections, a rate comparable to female hormonal contraception. Unfortunately the trial was stopped due to side effects that were deemed to be “risks” by the WHO.

The male contraceptive could potentially provide another birth control option to couples; however there are many hurdles to overcome before it could be taken to the market as Rob explained to the ABC JJJ Hack site.

Read the article online in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism.

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