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The Healthy Male, Spring issue


Issue 60 of The Healthy Male newsletter is out now. Read about how we celebrated Men’s Health Week in June this year plus a host of other features in the Spring edition.

Thanks to all our supporters who responded to the call in the Winter edition and have collected signatures for our campaign to save Andrology Australia. The petition is now closed but see our campaign page to find out about other ways you can help.

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Also in this issue:

Focus on: When bigger is not better: prostate enlargement

As men get older the prostate gland grows larger. For some men the growth of the prostate will not cause any problems while for others it can cause bothersome urinary symptoms.

Health Spot: News on treatments for benign prostate disease

For men suffering the symptoms of benign prostate disease there are a variety of treatments available and it’s good to keep up to date so that you can discuss the options with your urologist.

Obesity has a stronger link to mortality in men than women

A recent study shows that obesity in men in particular has long-term effects on life expectancy. As men age, either keeping in the normal weight range, or losing weight (for those already overweight), can have a variety of health benefits including living longer.

Latest News: Congratulations to Professor David de Kretser AC, Founding Director of Andrology Australia

Monash University Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences presented the Faculty’s Lifetime Achievement Award to Professor David de Kretser, the Founding Director of Andrology Australia. The Lifetime Achievement Award is presented to an individual who has made an outstanding contribution – nationally and internationally – to human health and wellbeing.

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