Doctors should do more male genital examinations

Andrology Australia’s Medical Advisor A/Professor Carolyn Allan recommends that doctors should consider genital examination as part of a general physical exam because of the possibility of undetected Klinefelter’s syndrome, among other issues:

A/Professor Carolyn Allan

A/Professor Carolyn Allan

Research suggests that while young men may not raise the topic themselves, they tend to feel that it is appropriate for the GP to bring up sexual health matters in a general consultation. Men will naturally feel awkward discussing their genitals, but in general they will appreciate direct, matter-of-fact communication from a professional who demonstrates good knowledge.

Read the full article in Medical Observer [login required].

Andrology Australia’s clinical summary guides 1–3 cover how to carry out male genital examinations, and genital examination for children, adolescents, and adults.

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